About Us

Best Vocational Training & Testing Center in Sri Lanka.

EMEDICS LANKA INTERNATIONAL is not a new, comprehensive Health, Occupational Health and Safety, and Pre-hospital Emergency Care vocational training agency in its start-up stages. Our Head Office was established in 2018 in Arangala, Sri Lanka. We will be provided the following services to clients and quickly expand coverage to include all major population centers in Sri Lanka. We provide Health care, safety training, and emergency care to countless public and private companies; nonprofits; government, community, and private organizations, private individuals, school-based and family day care services, and supply trained & qualified caregivers to global manpower agencies.  

EMEDICS is a specialist training organization, designed to deliver the best education or knowledge for yourself or your organization. Our team comprises a hand-picked group of highly skilled and motivated professionals from a range of backgrounds including Intensive care, EMS, Pre-hospital care, medical practitioners, remote medical practitioners, offshore medics, nurses, occupational safety, and fire sciences educators. All have extensive experience in their specialized fields and remain current in their practice.

As a leading provider of Pre-Hospital Emergency Care training and certification courses on MEDIC we offer the largest selection of courses and training options which are available anywhere in Sri Lanka. We have provided our services to employees of so many companies and organizations with high-quality training and proven results that we can provide them.

Our Vision

To be the best produces of skill personal for local and global. 

Our Mission

EMDECS LANKA INTERNATIONAL endeavors to provide high quality, reliable, affordable and comprehensive education & oppotunities to the local and global.


We are the revolution of vocational training.
We abandon traditional training methods.

Our Training is Fast, Effective, & Affordable.

Our ASHI’s MEDIC resuscitation programs conform to national standards and are based on the same scientific guidelines and treatment recommendations found in the 2010 International Consensus on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) Science with Treatment Recommendations (CoSTR), the same as those used by the American Heart Association (AHA) and American Red Cross (ARC) for course development.

All professional resuscitation programs meet the requirements of the Joined Commission and the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Services, ISO,5s, 6s, OSHA, and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) accredited and deliver the highest standard in first aid courses international ILCOR training certificate (International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation). Latest 2015 guidelines. These major changes in new Guidelines recognize the real-life challenge of consistently and optimally applying each vital link in the chain of survival. The intention is that every community will implement cardiac arrest/resuscitation education, tracking, and evaluation strategies in an integrated system to save even more lives.

Our Technology

EMEDICS LANKA INTERNATIONAL will strive to utilize the latest technology to ensure operations are efficient and services are held accountable based on data.

Our Education

Emergency medicine is a dynamic and rapidly changing field; therefore all personnel will be committed to continuing education. International standards and best practices will be used as the benchmark.

Our Integrity

EMEDICS will be known and regarded as an agency that demonstrates integrity. First and foremost, EMEDICS will gain and maintain the trust of the population served by provided reliable, consistent, and quality Without gaps or delays. Second, based on employee and trust, MEDIC will maintain a proactive dialogue with all employees to address concerns and short-comings quickly.

Our Compassion

EMEDICS is committed to compassionate care. This means that business and operational decisions will be taken with an emphasis on ensuring all citizens, visitors, and residents in Sri Lanka will have access to pre-hospital training regardless of class, caste, ethnicity, or financial ability.

Our Affiliations

AREMT has affiliation with:

  • American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons – ECSI Educational Center
  • International Association of Remote Medical Practitioners (USA) Www.isrmp.org
  • Diver Medical Training Group (Canada)
  • International Association of Safety Professionals (USA)
  • King Saud University (Saudi Arabia)
  • APT Group (Italy)
  • Plural Group (UK)
  • Crowder College (USA)

In addition, private EMS organizations, defense personnel, marine medical personnel

AREMT has affiliation with:

The International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) was formed in 1992 to provide a forum for liaison between principal resuscitation organizations worldwide. Although the criteria for participation were not closely defined, member organizations were expected to have an accepted remit for creating resuscitation guidelines, preferably for more than one country, and to be multidisciplinary in membership. At present, ILCOR comprises representatives of;

  • American Heart Association (AHA)
  • European Resuscitation Council (ERC)
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (HSFC)
  • Australian and New Zealand Committee on Resuscitation (ANZCOR)
  • Resuscitation Councils of Southern Africa (RCSA)
  • Inter American Heart Foundation (IAHF)
  • Resuscitation Council of Asia (RCA)

Our Training Equipment.

EMEDICS LANKA INTERNATIONAL will strive to utilize the latest technology.